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Rousse / Russe / Ruse

Rousse is the biggest Bulgarian city on the Danube river (population: approx.180.000). Due to its favorite location it is a significant industrial, commercial and transport hub. The only bridge that spans the river connecting Bulgaria with Romania is situated in the outskirts of the city. The river, with the impact it had on the people's lifestyle, played an important role in the developmnet of Rousse; even the name of the city is related to it: its root 'rou' is of Indo-European origin and means 'river' or 'flow'.

The Ancient Romans called it Sexaginta Prista - the port of the sixty (ships). After the Liberation (1878) the town gradually gained momentum - industrial output increased and commercial ties were established with other countries (mainly, Gemany and Austria).

Many novelties that entered Bulgaria were first introduced in Rousse: - The first movie house.
- The first railway line (which still connect Rousse with the Black Sea port city of Varna).
- The first Chamber of Commerce.
- The first fleet, etcetera.

Go up to the TV Tower's bar, and you'll be able to take very nice pictures of the whole town, the river Danube and Romania which is seen on the other side.

100 km from Rousse is situated the Sreburna Lake Birds Natural Reserve. Predominating species is the pelican.

The Lipnik Lake

It is situated 10 km from Rousse.
The area is quite picturesque with a lot of pine trees in the surroundings. There's a restaurant constructed in the Old Bulgarian style. It serves exclusively traditional Bulgarian dishes.

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