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Bulgarian Dishes

bulgarian foodSoups:
(1) 'Bob chorba' - kidney-beans soup with a lot of spices
(2) 'Shkembe chorba' - a delicious tripe soup with garlic, vinegar and chili.
(3) 'Tarator' - yoghurt with small pieces of cucumber and fennel; very refreshing in the summertime.

bulgarian foodSalads:
(1) 'Shopska salata' - chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and peppers dressed with Bulgarian white cheese
(2) 'Snezhanca' - it is the thich variant of 'Tarator' (see Soups below); creamy youghurt with chopped cucumbers, walnuts and garlic
(3) 'Kiopolu' - roasted aubergines, peppers, garlic and dressing

bulgarian foodMain courses:
(1) 'Kavarma' - meat and vegetables (with or without mushrooms); served in traditional individual baking pots.
(2) 'Chushka biurek' - paprika stuffed with eggs and cheese and fried in batter.

bulgarian foodTraditional non-alcoholic drinks:
(1) 'Boza' - thick malt drink, usually taken at breakfast
(2) 'Ayrian' - there's nothing like it in hot summer

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