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Bulgarian Proverbs

Koy kakvoto pravee, na sebe si go pravi. = Whatever one does, one does it to oneself.

Koyto zlo misli, zlo nameera. = He who thinks evil finds evil.

Kogo e hapala zmiya, toy ee ot gushter se bo-EE. = Once you've been bitten by a snake, you're afraid of even a lizard.

Dur-VO-to se pre-VEE-va dokato eh tunko. = A tree is bent while it is slender.

Sit nah GLAH-den ne vyarva. = The well-fed person doesn't believe the hungry person.

Golyam oblak - maluk duzhd. = Big cloud, little rain.

Ako ruh-KA dava, a surt-SE ne dava - nishto ne stava.
= If the hand gives but the heart doesn't, nothing will come of it.


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